• Our children are our future, and how we help and guide them will be what we become.
  • I OPPOSE robbing money from our public schools in order to fund private schools of any kind, unlike my opponent and current legislator who voted to do just that
  • I  support transferring the money from the Rainy Day Fund to replace what was stolen from the education fund in 2010.
  • I  support replacing all the money taken from public education last year to replace teacher funding and to absolutely fix the broken healthcare system for educators, especially those who have retired but have not yet reached retirement age.
  • I ABSOLUTELY OPPOSE tying Teachers’ evaluations with the test scores of the horrible tests our students are forced to take which measures nothing except how well they can memorize or how well they do on one given day of the year.
  • We MUST go back to teaching the subject in order for our students to be able to compete on a National Level at least.  Texas ranks 47th in many areas.  Our students are graduating with only 50.2% being college-ready in English, and 40% being college ready in Math, and only 32% being ready in both.  This should not be acceptable
  • All community colleges should be free for students, and Texas should make available to all University Students who have lived and gone to school in Texas, student loans with no interest, and a means to pay them back by service to the community.
  • While I support public school, college and university education, we must never turn our backs on those who cannot go to college or wish to go into the technical field.  I know in my district with the large oil and gas industry and a huge need for construction workers, we must also provide the highest quality of Technical schools to prepare our students for these high-quality jobs.
  • In order prepare many of these students with the highly requested skills we should absolutely fund our public schools to teach more technical skills for more opportunities for our students not college bound.